SaunA woRLD

Opening hours:   9:00–22:30

Entering the Sauna World opens an oasis of peace in the middle of industrial Vysočany. Choose from eight types of unique saunas. Every single one will dazzle you with their aroma, design or temperature.

Sauna world includes:

Finnish sauna

85–95 °C

10–20 %

Finnish sauna is a classic dry sauna scented with spicy and fresh aroma of siberian fir, which has antiseptic effects and promotes the airways and immune system. 

Salt sauna

65–80 °C

5–10 %

The salt sauna offers a combination of dry sauna and unique properties of salt. Illuminated strips on the walls made of Himalayan salt bricks and a pleasant warm glow have calming effect on the human psyche. When staying in a salt sauna we also absorb minerals that have a very beneficial effect on the human body, especially on the airways, skin and concentration.

honey sauna

80–90 °C

10–20 %

Honey sauna is a very popular outdoor sauna, and not only for its sweet aroma of honey. The dominant feature of the interior is a combination of light and dark wood and the arrangement of benches in a semicircle. The sauna is moistened by an automatic sprinkling of the stove, completed with honey essence.

Aufguss sauna

80–95 °C

10–20 %

The most spacious outdoor sauna in the Sauna world, which is unique thanks to the central location of the stove and the all-​day program in the form of sauna ceremonies. The humidity and temperature in the room may vary depending on the ceremonies.

Silent Finnish fireplace sauna

80–95 °C

10–20 %

The Finnish fireplace sauna is based on the dual heat source principle. Unlike a classic sauna, the "fireplace" offers a view of the stove and is unique in its quiet environment. It is meant for perfect relaxation, without any disturbing element, noise, conversation or music. The silent sauna is designed for all those who require peace and at the same time respect others.

Herbal sauna

80–95 °C

20–30 %

Herbal outdoor sauna offers the scents and effects of herbal essences, which are regularly changed and have a beneficial effect on body and mind. The interior with its illuminated niches with dried herbs and antiques evokes a very pleasant and nostalgic atmosphere.

Cooling zones and relaxation

You can cool yourself using showers, ice well, fog, a finnish bucket or by jumping into an outdoor cooling pool. Relax in a quiet indoor resting room, outdoor pergola or sun deck chairs.

Fresh bars

Every day we prepare fresh and healthy snacks at two sauna fresh bars and at the pool reception.

The entry also includes the possibility of using the Water World with indoor pool, whirlpools and a steam bath.


Unique experience

Sauna ceremonies are a relatively new thing in our country and are more and more popular. We would like to give you a closer look at these ceremonies and give you tips on how to enjoy them.

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